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The art of keeping a journal has not produced a great deal of fruit in my past. I have desired to begin keeping a journal several times at various stages of my life, but I have failed to do so each time. The longest stint of success in keeping a journal came during one summer of my undergraduate work. In this specific scenario of success, I was somewhat secluded and found time for reflection. Exhausted ManApart from this short period successful entry, the speed of normalcy has prevented me from staying current in a journal or diary. Similarly, I like the idea of blogging, but I’ve never committed to it.

As I am midway through my Ph.D. journey, this moment in time seems like the most inopportune stage to begin a blog, at least from the standpoint of time. However, from an importance standpoint, the few years of doctoral work I am undertaking could possibly be the most important juncture to force reflection on what I am learning. This is the struggle between importance and urgency.

The decision to start this blogfolio was made easy because it is a major assignment of IT 780, Seminar in Instructional Technology. The blogfolio assignment provides an ideal outlet to settle the struggle described above. Like most struggles in life, creating the blogfolio and beginning the process were the hardest parts (though not that hard). Hard only in the sense that I had to decide to commit to the blogging process.

WordPress.com makes setting up and managing a blog quite simple. In addition, the templates included in this Web 2.0 tool are robust and help to ensure a professional presentation of a blog. The widgets that are optional for each blog help to make the blog feel more interactive, allowing for such tools as seemless searches and information about the author.  There is also a great deal of flexibility for each blog that is produced through WordPress. For example, I created the header at the top of this page and uploaded the image to WordPress, and this flexibility allowed for a personal touch on the blog from the beginning.

I look forward to posting reflections on each assignment this semester. If for no other reason, the process of blogging will solidify the learning that takes place on each assignment and will allow me to look back on those reflections to see the importance of each tool. Still further, the blog might also help jog my memory in how to accomplish various tasks in each Web 2.0 tool associated with the various assignments. So in the end, I am excited about blogging this semester.


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